“Planet Hop” free online action game

Use gravity to propel your ship through over 23 levels of interplanetary travel. Encounter antigravstars, monsters, and more.

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How to control “Planet Hop”

Use your mouse to select launch point.
Left click, launch your ship.
Right click open menu to play next level.

Game instructions

Game mission is to guide your ship safely to the space port at the end of each level. Planets pull your ship towards them, use the planetary hop technique to get from planet and complete each level. Anti-gravity  stars may well have an opposite effect, repelling your ship. Try to finish game as fast as you can, you can skip levels(right click) but this will affect your score.
Your mission starts now!

Game information

Game category: Action

“Planet Hop” played: 1403 times

Credits: Sam Halliday

“Planet Hop” scores

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