“Heavy Weapons” play free online action game

Great futuristic shooter with 21 different weapons, 60 levels, and 3 bosses.

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How to control “Heavy Weapons”

AWSD or arrow keys to move.
Mouse to aim and fire.
Q and E to switch weapon.
1,2,3 to select weapon.
P to pause.

Game instructions

After success in the Jupiter wars, the company has been contracted to defend the mining moons of Hoy.
On each level your task is to rid the area of a quota of aliens. When this is done you will be beamed back to base.
After the quota is met the company will release the moon cleansing device. Be careful.
Destroy enemies and pick up the debris they leave behind to earn money. This can be spent back at base to purchase more heavy weapons.
If you have the funds, the weapons you can  buy are revealed. If you have bought them the panel will highlight. Once bought, click the weapon to equip it in a slot.
To equip a weapon, click it and choose the slot. You will not lose weapons you have bought. You can pick different weapons for each level.
Select your weapons carefully. Different weapons will work better against certain enemies.

Game information

Game category: Action

“Heavy Weapons” played: 1534 times

Credits: longanimalsgames

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