“Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar” play free online action game

Fallout type shooter game

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How to control “Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar”

WASD keys - movement.
Arrows: camera movement.
Space: Center Camera
Mouse click: Move/Interact
Double click: Equip/Unequip/Use
1: Attack
2: 1st Power
3: 2nd Power
4: 3rd Power
5: End Turn/Defend
Tab: Change Target

Game instructions

With limited story, Edgar throws you directly into the action of an endless procedurally generated dungeon crawler. With a "Diablo"-style loot system and an AP driven strategic-combat system (a la Fallout), the game attempts to recreate an experience thus far non-existant in flash gaming. Some of the features include:
* Three Classes, each with a unique skillset.
* An endless, randomly populated dungeon.
* A fully itemized world in which all items scale with your character.
* A robust skills & perks system for each character, thus letting you design your characters to play how you'd like.
* A journal that reveals some of the backstory of an alternate Earth as well as providing some tips and tricks for the game.
* Hardcore Mode - Your character only has one life. Make it count.

Game information

Game category: Action

“Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar” played: 1524 times

Credits: network of ninja

“Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar” scores

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